Bachelor Parties are Renting Stripper Poles in Breaking Numbers!

Renting a portable stripper pole for your bachelor party just got easier! Especially when Delivery, Setup & Return Pickup of your rented dance pole are included. Why do all bachelor parties seem the same? A bunch of college buddies get together every few months to bid farewell to yet another fallen soldier. They meet at […] Read more »

I Rented an All Star Stages Portable Stripper Pole for My Birthday in Los Angeles

So I decided to write this for thanking the guys at All Star Stages after renting a stripper pole & stage in Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA. Here we go: I throw myself a huge birthday bash each and EVERY year because that’s just how I do it. I’ll admit I was born into a little […] Read more »

Portable Dance Pole Rentals in Fort Worth & Arlington, TX

That’s right! Stripper Pole Rentals now in Tarrant County! The All Star Stages Pink Delight™ Portable Stripper Pole and stage are now available in the Fort Worth and Arlington, TX metro areas. HOLDS 8 ADULTS Indoors or Out! The portable stripper pole houses a 5×5 ft. octagon stage base that is 12 inches high and […] Read more »

Internet Cat Does Pole Dance Routine (a kitty cat)

Image by allstarstages via Flickr Now talk about pole dancing–this feline really can work the pole! I wonder if this pole dancing kitty kat rented a portable stripper pole from All Star Stages™? You know all animals have been renting these portable pole dance apparatus’ in Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, and now in San Francisco! […] Read more »

Portable Pole Dance Rentals Now Available in San Francisco

Image by allstarstages via Flickr Rent Stripper Poles Now in San FranciscoDelivery & Setup Included We’ve been anticipating this for some time now–it’s finally happened. Now we offer all stripper pole rentals to the San Francisco metro area! Rent portable stripper pole complete w/ a 5×5 octagon stage, all necessary lighting and a freestanding pole […] Read more »