Bachelor Parties are Renting Stripper Poles in Breaking Numbers!

Renting a portable stripper pole for your bachelor party just got easier! Especially when Delivery, Setup & Return Pickup of your rented dance pole are included. Why do all bachelor parties seem the same? A bunch of college buddies get together every few months to bid farewell to yet another fallen soldier. They meet at […] Read more »

I Rented an All Star Stages Portable Stripper Pole for My Birthday in Los Angeles

So I decided to write this for thanking the guys at All Star Stages after renting a stripper pole & stage in Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA. Here we go: I throw myself a huge birthday bash each and EVERY year because that’s just how I do it. I’ll admit I was born into a little […] Read more »

Internet Cat Does Pole Dance Routine (a kitty cat)

Image by allstarstages via Flickr Now talk about pole dancing–this feline really can work the pole! I wonder if this pole dancing kitty kat rented a portable stripper pole from All Star Stages™? You know all animals have been renting these portable pole dance apparatus’ in Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, and now in San Francisco! […] Read more »

All Star Stages on the Maury Povich Show!

Image via Wikipedia All Star Stages teamed up w/ the Maury Povich Show this last Friday for a pole dancing stint by one of guests from the show. No no, not another DNA test, who’s your baby papa, now turned stripper. It was one of their “episodes” as producer for the show called it. It […] Read more »